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Brazilian JiuJitsu

Brazilian JiuJitsu

At Tribe Jiujitsu, we view BJJ as a tool to improve our members physical & mental health, boost confidence while fostering humility, and improve their overall lives. 

There are a lot of ways to lose weight & get in shape, but Jiujitsu is so much more than that. It teaches a perfect balance of humility and confidence in a way, that few things can.

Jiujitsu forces you to walk that razor edge between Confidence & Humility. If you get overly confident & proud… someone 20lbs less than you will dominate you and do you the favor of humbling you. If you are hard on yourself, and have zero confidence… after some training, you WILL find yourself dominating someone 20lbs heavier than you, and you will gain a pure, humble form of confidence. It is such an amazing art.

Our goal at Tribe JiuJitsu is not JUST to teach people how to defend themselves with BJJ, or help people get in shape. Those things WILL happen. But our real goal is to use BJJ as a tool to improve peoples lives… Physically, but more important mentally… to use the body, to affect the mind & spirit in a positive way. Mental health is a huge issue in the long, dark Fairbanks winters. There is nothing better for mental health, and an overall improved sense of wellbeing, than a good BJJ Class.

The name TRIBE JiuJitsu is based on the book Tribe by Sebastian Junger. Because that is what we are striving to create with this place… a Family, where everyone feels loved and accepted… a second Home, where everyone has a place, and helps each other through the stress that life will inevitably throw at them… and a TRIBE, where we build each other up and become stronger together. See you on the mats!