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Beginner JiuJitsu

Beginner JiuJitsu

The Beginner Jiujitsu program at Tribe, is designed to take students from zero understanding of ground technique & positioning, and get them to a level where they are comfortable rolling at 100% intensity for the first time.

BJJ is for everyone... and one big dis-service that many Jiujitsu Academies commit to it's students, is to throw them to the wolves on day 1 with hard live rolling. No one is ready for that on day one.

At Tribe Jiujitsu our goal is to have a positive impact on as many lives as possible, and this goal is NOT served, by scaring away the majority of our students by smashing them on day 1.

Our Beginner BJJ program will teach new students the basics of JiuJitsu positions & escapes, and is required before proceeding to the live rolling in the Advanced Classes. Students with prior training or wrestling experience, may skip directly to the Advanced Classes, at the instructor's sole discretion.